Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cobalt Offers Vehicle Transport To Washington State

Looking for some even more shipping details? You are in the best site. Washington State auto transport is essential if you are moving to the Pacific Northwest. Look into the video below for more info.

Shipping your car, truck, or motorcycle to or from the state of Washington? Cobalt Auto Transport Services offers great rates and customer service. Visit http://cobaltautoservices.com/us-transport/washington-auto-transport/ or call toll free 855-242-8090 for more info!

In addition to shipping information, you can find out the details that will make your car shipment go much more smoothly. There are several items that you can take care of beforehand, such as removing your personal belongings, that will make shipping your car a piece of cake with Cobalt.

If you are moving to or visiting the Northwest, be sure to plan for the weather that can occur in WA and OR. These states are both known for rain, but there is much more to each state - planning ahead for your car upkeep and safety will pay off over time.

If you are ready to ship your car, let us know today by visiting our site or calling us for your free quote.

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